Digital Technologies

Digital technologies in the curriculum

Digital technologies are an essential part of developing capabilities for learning and responsible citizenship. Digital technologies are expected to be integrated across all learning areas, in line with the ICT capability of the Australian Curriculum. In order to develop responsible digital citizenship, students should be supported in developing information literacy, critical thinking and other relevant attributes to ensure their effective use of technologies. Models such as inquiry and Project-based learning are encouraged to achieve this.


All children from years 2 to 6 may purchase a BYOD Chromebook. The focus of providing a Chromebook is to provide current tools and resources. Increasing access to technology is essential, and one of the learning tools is Chromebooks. Effective teaching and learning with Chromebooks integrates technology into the curriculum anytime, anyplace. The school provides a quantity of devices for children.

Google Platform

We utilise the Google Platform in a variety of ways, to deepen and enhance children’s learning. Paringa Park Primary School holds the management license for the Paringpkps school domain. All staff and children have a Google account using their first initial/surname

Digital Citizenship Program

All children will need to sign our Cybersafety Agreement, and children bringing a BYOD device will need to sign a Digital Citizenship Agreement.

Further information and resources

Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Web site 

ThinkUKnow – ThinkUKnow – Internet safe

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Digital Technologies