Intervention and Support

Paringa Park Primary School is committed to the development of a high quality curriculum for all students that promotes excellence, equity and entitlement to an inclusive education.
We recognise difference and value diversity within our community. We strive to provide a supportive learning environment that encourages a sense of identity, belonging, wellbeing and success.

Paringa Park Primary School is dedicated to working in partnership with families, the wider community and service providers to achieve the best learning opportunities and outcomes for our students.

Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access to and engagement in learning for all students. It is about responding positively to each individual’s unique needs.


This includes working with students with diverse needs and from diverse contexts:

  • Students with a learning difficulty/disability
  • Gifted and Talented Students
  • English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Students from lower socio-economic settings
  • Students with diverse personal or cultural backgrounds or religious affiliations
  • Students with a combination of equity and diversity needs.
  • Gender equity

As a school community we:

  • Value diversity as a positive resource in terms of what it means to develop an inclusive and inspiring learning community.
  • Recognise that differentiation of the curriculum is the best way to achieve learning goals for students.
  • Acknowledge the importance of school, families and communities working together.
  • Will comply with existing policy frameworks such as the Disability Discrimination Act, Disability Standards for Education 2005.

At Paringa Park Primary School we focus on the 4 Characteristics of Quality Intervention:

Timely – Early intervention to enable success and build resilience for every learner

Targeted – Evidence based, responsive to needs, differentiated according to needs

Purposeful – Outcome focused – specific goals set for individuals and groups of learners to improve their engagement and achievement in numeracy and literacy

Time–limited – Specified time-frame set to meet specific needs


High quality teaching and learning
Intentional, evidence based, responsive teaching that challenges and supports all learners.
Teachers create safe conditions for rigorous learning, personalise and connect learning, and develop expert learners.


Additional support and/or challenge – targeted intervention
Targeted SSO support
Targeted phonics program (based on Sound Write Program) Year 1
What’s the Buzz?
Reading Support Teacher
Professional Learning Teams
ILP’s – Intervention support reviewed in Term 1


Intensive specialised support
Special Education Teacher
Fitzroy Readers, Dandelion readers
Reading Support Teacher
NEP’s – Students reviewed in Term 1 and Term 3

Bravery ⋅ Care ⋅ Challenge ⋅ Trust
"The Best We Can Be"

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Intervention and Support