At Paringa Park Primary School we understand the critical role wellbeing plays in developing highly successful learners. Our responsible behaviour policy is underpinned by the principles of Restorative Justice, and our daily routines reflect the importance of being proactive in developing happy and connected students.

Our Wellbeing Team (Student Wellbeing Leader, Pastoral Care Worker and an Schools Services Officer) track the attendance and behaviour data of our students. They also take referrals from teachers, parents and students themselves, to support those students that require extra help in developing social skills, positive behaviour goals or to restore and repair and restore harmed relationships. The school runs the ‘What’s the Buzz’ program to develop the social skills of those students who find this aspect of school life challenging. An art based variation of the program seeks to develop these essential social skills in students in a safe, hands-on and creative environment.

The school’s bullying policy is in line with the Holdfast Partnership, and is proactive in its treatment of bullying issues. A ‘Bully Audit’ is conducted annually with all students to monitor the wellbeing of the student population.

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