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School Policy

The following links provide parents and the wider community information on policies and procedures associated to teaching, learning and school administration at Paringa Park Primary School.

To to Adobe to download PDF readerMany are designed to print as PDF.

If a policy or issue you are seeking information on and is not available in this section, you are invited to contact the administration on [08] 8296-8904.

Reducing Bullying
At Paringa Park Primary School we work together to address bullying to ensure that all students are able to achieve their personal best by ... more

Positive School Relationships and Grievance Procedures
Children deserve to be successful, We can assist this by, Working together in a positive and caring way ... more

Behaviour Code
Common expectations, Possible responses to irresponsible behaviour, Range of responses to responsible behaviour … more

Student 'dress code'
The Governing Council has approved the Dress Code Policy. A “colour code” uniform represents image and unity and demonstrates equality for all students. It prevents peer pressure and competition amongst the students ... more

Anaphylaxis Management Guidelines
These guidelines have been developed to assist in preventing life threatening anaphylaxis.  They are consistent with DECS guidelines … more

Portable digital devices
Portable digital devices have become an important and invaluable part of our modern lifestyle. The increased ownership of these devices ... more

BYO Device Agreement
This agreeement can be accessed here and once signed by teacher, family and student, students may bring their own devices to school...more

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